What may have started out as a slick way for Cheev to set himself apart from others, quickly erupted into the most lucrative thing he could've ever done. From placing a simple bet, (one in which he lost to one of his closest friends) turned a simple passion into a promise. Simply put, no matter what, he has to keep making and putting out quality music. Not just by quantity but "QUALITY". Having yet to tour his name has still boiled over in his city and he is rumored to have the skill set to reach the masses. Not only is his originality above sub-par but his voice and tone spills over hip hop beats with ease. Fighting to emerge out of a city that's well known as a "Trap", from top to bottom Cheev has always pledged to stay himself and stay solid. Although he has never released an actual mixtape or studio album, he works extensively to make sure that his projects don't go unnoticed and takes pride in the fact that his work ethic is well above average. With so many talents under his belt it's easy to see how he can go from behind the mic to acting prime time on the silver screen. Eager to have his music hit top chart placements you can hear the hunger in his voice, see the pain in his eyes, and the realness in his stature. Cheev's lyrics have yet to conform to the industry's dumbed down version of hip hop, and if you ask him, you'll get one response "They never will". All around his creativity shows that not only does he respect Hip Hop's culture and heritage, but he's all for pushing and moving the culture forward. Independently he is building his brand solo with a sound all of his own. It doesn't take a genius to see that he is clearly on his way to establishing himself as a relevant patron/supporter of Real Hip Hop.